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Choose from a range of our products suitable to your business needs. Products include platforms for financial information users(FIUs), financial information providers(FIPs) and more.

Account Insights

Get analysed information and indicators on the account information received from the AA network. This will help in underwriting and categorization.

Finvu Finsense

Platform for Financial Information Users (FIU) to integrate into the AA ecosystem. Built-in APIs. Auto-routing of request to any AA. Insights into customer data and more.

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Personal Finance Management

Discover financial freedom with our cutting-edge Personal Finance Management product. Effortlessly track and categorize your expenses, and receive analysis based on different statistics. Take control of your finances and embark on a journey towards greater financial well-being with our comprehensive solution.

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Finvu ConnectHub

ConnectHub serves as a gateway into the AA ecosystem. Our platform is for institutions to be part of AA ecosystem as Financial Information Providers (FIP). AA agnostic and ability to serve multiple Account Aggregators and many more features.

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